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Lauren Scime is the CEO of Witchfactory Productions, transmedia storyteller, cross-platform content designer, social media expert & visual artist.

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Witchfactory Productions

Witchfactory Productions are dedicated to the creation of original story worlds and media technology platforms, designed to deliver new and exciting experiences to fans.

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Blog Action Day 2014

October 16th, 2014 is Blog Action Day, and the theme this year is "Inequality." Until then, check out my post from last year on the power of Transmedia Storytelling in Working Toward Human Rights.

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Lauren Scime is the CEO of Witchfactory Productions, a transmedia production company located in Los Angeles, California. She is a transmedia storyteller, creative producer, visual artist and web designer/developer. She is the Head of Panels & Education at Wyrd Con, an interactive storytelling convention in Los Angeles, CA.

Lauren Scime, photo by Robert Kenney

Lauren looking way cooler than she actually is. Photo by Robert Kenny, 2012.

You can read more of her bio below, or you can check out her (somewhat daft) “Prezume” linked below:


The Usual Bio Stuff:

Prior to her move down the coast, she was a founding partner of Object Adjective, a San Francisco web design firm specializing in custom social media and web application solutions.

A polymorphic entrepreneur with a love for social storytelling of all kinds, her experiences range greatly, from transmedia creative production, narrative design, social media strategy, project management, visual art & illustration, website design (incl. UI/UX), game design, art exhibition curation, programming (web and various platforms), to dabbling with low-level device drivers.

Lauren is a geek, and will take apart anything you haven’t nailed down or set behind SSL…so beware!

She is currently working on several cross-platform narrative fiction properties in collaboration with Philip Gable, EVP at Witchfactory, and others.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Master’s of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a practitioner of Pa-Kua martial arts, acrobatics and sword, and a lover sushi, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and playing both online and live action games. And she makes a mean piece of toast…

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For the second year in a row, the Wyrd Con team has decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to further enhance the convention, building even better programming, gaming and yes even better food… This year we’ve moved locations to the Westin Los Angeles Airport, where we will host the most awesome of events in live […]