Wyrd Con 2012 Announces Special Guest Jeff Gomez, CEO & Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment

Wyrd Con Interactive Theater Convention Announces Special Events to Feature Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest Jeff Gomez, CEO & Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment

Transmedia Visionary Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment to Appear on Five Panels and Present Keynote Session at Hilton Costa Mesa for Wyrd Con 2012: Tri Wyrd

Los Angeles, CA – February 16, 2012 – Wyrd Con (www.wyrdcon.com), an interactive theater convention exploring live-action roleplay (LARP), alternate reality games (ARG), live theater simulations and all aspects of the cross-platform storytelling within and beyond the roleplaying realm, is proud to announce Jeff Gomez, CEO and Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment (www.starlightrunner.com) as this year’s honored guest, keynote speaker and agenda front-runner appearing on five separate panels and a one-on-one mentoring workshop. Set for June 21 – 24, 2012 at the Hilton Costa Mesa, Wyrd Con is an evolving gathering of the roleplaying world’s most exuberant enthusiasts, coupled with storytelling visionaries and creatives.

Gomez’s expertise in transmedia production, the development of multi-platform narratives and strategies for some of the world’s most well known entertainment properties, originally evolved from his personal experience with LARP and fantasy roleplaying games. He has often attributed his emphasis on storytelling and emotional engagement through various technologies to his background in this type of gaming. Returning to join fellow enthusiasts at Wyrd Con 2012 is a virtual homecoming for him, a reconnection with his roots, his beginnings and aspirations.

Jeff will be appearing on five separate panels, will furnish the convention’s keynote address, and work hand-in-hand with attendees throughout the weekend, including:

KEYNOTE: DREAMING REAL (Saturday, June 23rd, 10am-11:30am)

WORKSHOP: ONE-ON-ONE WITH JEFF GOMEZ (Sunday, June 24th, 10am-1pm)
Spend Quality Time with the World’s Leading Transmedia Producer

1. Gaming Behaviors: What the Entertainment Industry Can Learn from LARP’s and RPG’s?

2. Roleplaying Our Future: How LARP’s and RPG’s can Help You Prepare for a Career in Entertainment, Advertising, Software Development and Social Media

3. Foundations of World-Building – How to develop aspirational themes and messaging in your game narratives and connect them powerfully with your players.

4. NEVER SURRENDER! Roleplaying as a Means to Personal and Social Advancement – How we can take our experience playing LARP’s and RPG’s and use them to improve our lives in the real world?

5. Transmedia Storytelling 101 – What is Transmedia? Whether you are new to the concept, or you want to expand your understanding of Transmedia Storytelling and its potential to change the way we consume media, this is the panel for you.

In addition to the keynote address, workshop and panels noted above, Jeff will be attending a “meet and greet” cocktail party the first night of Wyrd Con on Thursday, June 21st, where each of our guests will give a quick introduction about themselves, followed by the opportunity to mingle with attendees. This is a special event, and tickets will be purchased for $10 in addition to conference badges. Come join us June 21 through 24 at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa, 3050 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

All attendees are welcome.

About Wyrd Con:
Wyrd Con is an interactive theater convention that brings together a program of rich panels, presentations, and roundtable dialogues about the relationship between live participatory culture and transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms with an exciting lineup of LARP’s, ARG’s, pervasive games, and transmedia experiences. If you have ever had a desire to solve the mystery, fight the enemy, or experience a world that mixes theater, costuming, create storyworlds and interact with all of the story worlds you have heard of from Anime, History, or Science Fiction, then Wyrd Con is the place to be.

Wyrd Con also strives to educate others in the concept and applications of Interactive Theater. This knowledge can be applied to daily life in a variety of ways, from personally interacting to understand different roles in situations, to developing innovative interactive worlds, and even training to gain confidence and grow as a leader.  Much of our programming discusses how different interactive narrative threads can have differing psychological effects on the participants; expand a storyline to other media and market concepts to generate new opportunities. Education is central to us, as it allows every participant to better understand, as well as convey the story in the most intimately interactive way possible. Please visit us online at www.wyrdcon.com.

About Starlight Runner Entertainment:

Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc., founded by Jeff Gomez and Mark Pensavalle, is the world’s leading creator and producer of highly successful transmedia franchises, maximizing the value of entertainment properties and consumer brands by preparing them for extension across multiple media platforms. Starlight Runner Entertainment also produces animated and live-action feature films, as well as digital content. The company packages books, comics and graphic novels, and develops videogames and alternate reality experiences with world-renowned partners and clients. Since the company launch in 2000, Starlight Runner has been commissioned by corporate giants including Disney (Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron Legacy), Hasbro (Transformers), 20th Century Fox (Avatar) and Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory), offering guidance on how to expand and broaden storyline universes of intellectual properties that can then be marketed in concert across a variety of platforms.

Jeff Gomez
President & CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment

Jeff Gomez is the world’s leading producer of transmedia entertainment properties. As CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, a New York-based digital production company, Jeff transforms intellectual properties into global franchises that reach mass audiences as blockbuster films, television series, Triple-A videogames, comic books, novels, theater plays and popular music. He also extends niche properties such as toys, animation or videogame titles across multiple platforms, which in turn generate multiple revenue streams for Starlight Runner’s partners and clients.

Jeff has worked on such blockbuster universes as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron Legacy and Fairies, Microsoft’s Halo, James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory. A popular comic book writer and videogame developer, Jeff wrote and edited superhero and Magic: The Gathering series for Valiant Comics, and developed the popular Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Nintendo 64 games for Acclaim Entertainment. Jeff is currently developing original properties such as Adore, in tandem with Witch Factory and based on the artwork of Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and Ku-Mighty with Richard Garfield, Skaff Elias and Ultimate Gaming Hideout.

A Latino raised in the projects of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Jeff learned to express himself and developed his storytelling skills through fantasy roleplaying and live-action roleplaying games. In the late 1980s he published Gateways magazine, which placed an emphasis on roleplay and storytelling in tabletop and LARP gaming. He wrote a number of adventure game modules, and helped to develop the world of Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast. Jeff attributes his experience as a gamer to his success with multi-platform narrative, particularly in the realm of storyworld development and the validation and celebration of the user experience. Follow Jeff Gomez on Twitter: @Jeff_Gomez

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