Witchfactory Makes the Move to Downtown LA!

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Remember the 4th of July, when most of you were bar-b-queuing in your backyards, watching fireworks, and drinking Budweiser out of cans? While most of you stateside folks were celebrating Uncle Sam’s birthday, the Witchfactory team was moving boxes, and setting up shop in our new Downtown LA office on Spring Street and 6th.

View of Downtown LA from Witchfactory Office

Known lovingly as “DTLA” to enthusiastic locals, Downtown Los Angeles is not the place you may remember from a few short years ago. In place of what used to look like a demilitarized zone now is home to some of the most happening creative businesses, restaurants, galleries and nightlife in the whole of La-La-Land. And we’re happy to announce that we’ve jointed the bandwagon of cool people re-settling the downtown area.

And if having the coolest urban environs in the city at our doorstep isn’t enough, our loft is on the 20th floor, so we have a hell of a view from our office. With the city skyline on one side and the mountains on the other, we have all the visual inspiration we could ever ask for. Nevermind the occasional riot over sidewalk chalk to keep things interesting…

So we’ve left WeHo behind in favor of a more “urban” lofty space with a gym and pool on the roof. Not bad digs for a 2 year old company, eh? Okay, so we’re not Google yet…we don’t have free gourmet cafeterias for employees, nor do we have a full campus, a bus with wifi and yoga classes, but the amenities are pretty sweet. And there’s a ping pong table in the gym, which is a major draw. If only I could find someone who can play to my standards and not just chase the ball around the room…(sorry Phil – you’re a great EVP and producer, but one crappy ping-pong opponent).

It’s been noted that we need a pool table, but that’s slated into next quarter’s budget if all goes well…and if we can stop staring out the windows with gaping jaws for long enough to make some new properties. lol.

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