What I’ve been Up to Since I’ve Sucked at Blogging…

Since I’ve been slacking on blogging for quite some time, I’ve decided to do a quick post to validate myself by giving you all a load of excuses…however I see them as legit and hopefully you will too. I’ve been up to a lot, especially this last month…

1. Wyrd Con IV

This was my 3rd year of involvement and second year as the Panel and Education Director of Wyrd Con, which took place at the Hilton Costa Mesa from Sept 12-15th, 2013, and included a massively awesome host of panel and presentation designers from Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment, to Steve Peters of No Mimes Media, Erin Reilly, Head of Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC, and Geoffrey Long (also an Annenberg Innovator but also formerly the Lead Narrative Producer at Microsoft Studios), Jim Butcher (Yeah, that guy who wrote the Dresden Files, amongst other great fictional novels and series), David Peterson (Linguist who worked on not only developing the Dothraki Language for Game of Thrones, but also SciFy Network’s Defiance), Aaron Vanek (Founder of Seekers Unlimited, an educational initiative to teach kids better application of materials through live action role playing in the classroom), and a large panel of Blizzard Entertainment folks, who spoke specifically about Project Blackstone, a unique transmedia gaming experience….and many many more….
Wyrd Con IV

As a note: We have already begun planning for Wyrd Con V, which will take place from May 22-26th at the Westin LAX hotel. So get ready b/c this convention just keeps growing and getting way more cool every year!


2. Annenberg Innovation Lab’s CRUNCH Hackathon

Last week several teams were tasked with building a transmedia project that would inform Los Angelinos about some aspect of ecological importance with only 24 hours to come up with, develop and present the idea. So, like many hackathons I’ve participated in, we stayed up all night working our butts off to tell the world a story based on the namesake “Johnny Appleseed” a folklore legend in American literature, but our Johnny happened to be a food truck entrepreneur who only gave food in exchange for seeds, which the user would plant. Our story begins when Johnny is abducted, and people begin to take action on his behalf, both bewildered and confused by the sudden happening, but eager to pick up the torch where he began, while also working to unlock the ARG puzzles that would lead them to Johnny Appleseed. We created a Prezi presentation to showcase the idea, which can be viewed here (Note that I am not the sole author of the project but the Prezi displays By Lauren Scime since I set it up on their server):

Annenberg Innovation Lab has a great article up about the event on their website, so if you want to learn more, check them out! Also the pic below I borrowed from their site – it shows the exhausted teams and judges after 24 hours of hard work and no sleep…

Annenberg Innovation Lab CRUNCH hackathon

3. Contracting to Make Some Mullah

I’ve been farming myself out for contract work. No, I haven’t stopped being the CEO of Witchfactory Productions – we are still a functional company that develops original IP, but while these lofty, high end concepts go from concept to completion, we still need to pay our bills, so if you want, check out my Prezume” and let me knwo if you have any leads on suitable contract or short term full time work. I suppose this means I’m a gun for hire now….thought still buiding some amazing originals myself :)

That all said, there are still great things happening for Witchfactory Productions as a company, and one of our lead properties, Adore, seems to be coming to fruition with Starlight Runner, our partner, taking the lead on negotiating the production of the property. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…there are many other amazing properties we’ve developed these last 2-3 years, but sorry, you ain’t gonna hear about ‘em unless you sign an NDA in blood….jk…but actually I’m not kidding…hehe.