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WyrdCon: A Magical Mixture of LARP, ARG and Transmedia

WyrdCon Two Wyrd Conference

Yesterday I spoke on the Transmedia and Participatory Culture panel at WyrdCon Two Wyrd 2011 conference. Though I have been to dozens of conferences, this was my first time attending a conference dedicated to Live Action Roll Playing (LARP). Before this, I’ve had only limited exposure to LARPing, mostly just playing a bit of D&D […]

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The Relationship Between Participatory Culture and Transmedia Storytelling

Since I will be speaking on the Transmedia Storytelling and Participatory Culture panel at WyrdCon tomorrow – Saturday June 11, 2011 (4-6pm) – well, actually today by the time I hit “publish,” I have been thinking a lot about how LARPs and ARGs fit in with Transmedia storytelling. In best case scenarios, transmedia properties leave […]

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Why Transmedia Storytelling Matters Now

In relatively recent times, transmedia storytelling has become a hot topic of discussion, and is increasingly affecting production methodologies in the entertainment industry today. As technology continues to rapidly change the way we consume, interact with, and participate in media culture, old entertainment paradigms are shifting and media giants are yielding to the pressure to […]

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A Galaxy Far Far Away

While in the process of mapping out a galaxy for a current sci-fi property I am in the early stages of developing, I had a flashback to my first world building experience. I was in 6th grade Social Studies class. It was 1991 and our first assignment from our young, enthusiastic teacher was to “make anything we wanted and present it to the class.”

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Starlight Runner and Witchfactory Partner on Adore Property

After several months of lips sewn shut, we’ve finally released publically our partnership with Starlight Runner Entertainment on the creation and development of the Adore property. Here is the release: New York (PRWEB) February 15, 2011 – Live from the KidScreen Summit in New York City, Starlight Runner Entertainment, a New York based production company, […]

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