Adore: A Transmedia Property

Adore is an original Transmedia franchise property, composed of interwoven narratives that are told through multiple media platforms designed to immerse the user in a unique and magical universe.

Adore is an innovative transmedia franchise currently in the packaging and pre-production phase of development. Adore will release core internet interaction, graphic novels and merchandising and evolve into film, toys, mobile applications, and gaming. We have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the media and online technology industries and an agile business model where each transmedia franchise will be its own legal entity consisting of Witchfactory Productions, strategic partners and investors. In this model funds will flow back into Witchfactory Productions through original rights assignments, licenses, royalties, consultancy fees and share dividends.

Adore was created by Lauren Scime and Philip Gable of Witchfactory Productions, and is being co-produced with Starlight Runner Entertainment. All artwork in the Adore property is based on the work of Jasmine Becket-Griffith.